Frequently asked questions

What are payday loans?

These are short term loans repayable on or before your next payday, usually over the space of not more than 31-days. Ideal for those with a less than perfect credit rating, payday lenders look at a borrowers ability to repay the loan amount and not their previous defaults or credit history.

How do I apply?

Application for cash loans is done completely online via our 60-second payday application. There are no awkward phone calls and we will not ask you to fax in documentation or provide supporting documentation to support your loan application. Navigate to the apply page now to fill in your details and get an instant decision on a online loan.

How much can I borrow?

We adhere to the rules of responsible lending, this means that you will not be approved for a loan that you cannot feasibly afford to repay. This means that if your incomings and outgoings do not leave enough to comfortably repay the requested loan amount, you will be offered a smaller loan than requested. As part of the responsible lending protocol we would urge customers’ who are under and doubt as to their ability to repay the loan to not apply for a cash advance.

How soon will I receive my loan?

Depending on your bank and if they accept faster payments, the funds can be fully available to you on the same day, sometimes within a few hours of being approved.

How do I know if I’ve been approved?

After completing the online application form you will be instantly notified of your approval. You will then be automatically redirected to your loan agreement page. At this stage you are under no obligation to take out the payday loan, it is only after signing the agreement and sending that your loan will be added to the queue for processing.

What documentation is needed?

As a rule of thumb we do not require documents as standard. However, occasionally documents proving your ID or employment will be asked for. But as stated this is not normal protocol.

How to repay the loan?

A simple debit card transaction is used to repay the loan as per the loan agreement. You will be notified of this date several times, firstly when taking out the loan and nearer the repayment date.

What if I can’t make the repayment date?

If you find yourself in this situation you advised to immediately contact a member of the support team to discuss your options. Please note that late repayment will result in late fees being added to the original amount.

Can I get a loan even if I am self-employed?

Self-employed workers can and are approved for cash loans. They could be asked for more supporting documentation however, such as the last 3-months pay slips.

How many loans can I receive at a time?

Customers can only have a maximum of one payday loan at any one time. These are short term loans and should not be used for long term debt. The very nature of payday loans means that having more than one would not be possible as the loan amount is judged on what you can repay.